Lizzie Bradley - Light

Lizzie Bradley - Light
Released by Teknofonic Recordings - New York

Lizzie collaborated with music producers Sirins and
The RuTan to create a beautifully soulful electronic
jazz album. 

"As soon as I pressed play, I was transported to
another place. Lizzie's vocals effortlessly dance
around lush rhythms" - 3D Radio Australia

YMNLT album cover

Released by You Might Not Like This - UK

Lizzie's track, 'Why Don't' was included on this
compilation of underground electronic music in
the UK, curated by Martin Christie of EMOM.

"A double-disc full of resplendent delights...
turning into a churning cosmic synth odyssey,
Lizzie Bradley's scattered Kosmische glitch and
thundering percussion on Why Don't" 
- Piccadilly Records

Zeequil - Here

"Zeequil, a seasoned duo who successfully
combine worldly beats and trip-hop vocals
to create something else altogether"
- Bside Magazine

Dubbed-out house beats, driving bass and
melodic string lines under free-floating jazz
vocals, resulting in a deep, hypnotic sound.
Played WOMADelaide 2016

Sirins - Nimbus

Guest vocalist on Sirins EP (AKA Elliot Zoerner)

"Somewhere between a freewheeling
circus-spiced Bonobo and the more
aqueous depths of Jamie XX.” – The Bubble

Lillie White - Live in London

Released by ESPtunes London

"You've never heard anything quite like this before.
Lizzie's beautiful melodies floating above
innovative instrumentation: didgeridoo, djembe,
cello & more.
Think world, jazz, blues and beyond..."

Played Glastonbury, Wickerman, Inspirational Arts,
Mind Body Spirit London, Summer Gathering

Jivin Miss Daisy
Released by Mainstem Records London

A dynamic 9 piece swing band,
featuring the best of London's jazz musicians.
Playing authentic arrangements from Count Bassie,
Duke Ellington & arrangements specially written
by bandleader Simon Thorpe. 

Played regularly at The 100 Club, Carisbrooke Hall
& The Royal Festival Hall

Lizzie featuring Lew Hooper - Fine & Mellow

Released by ESPtunes London

Recorded London's famous recording studio
Tin Pan Alley Studios.

With London's jazz legends:
Lew Hooper - sax
John China - piano
Murray Salmon - bass
Dennis Smith - drums

Boisdale Blue Rhythm Band
Live Volume One

Released by Boisdale Records London

Featured on 2 jazz numbers with the
illustrious Boisdale Blue Rhythm Band 

Lillie White

Released by ESPtunes London

Lillie White recorded their 2nd album
of Lizzie's original world music songs,
live at The Mind Body Spirit Festival in London.

 Lizzie and the Do-Rite – Doin' it Rite

Recorded CD with the UK's rhythm & blues
band The Do-Rite

Boisdale Blue Rhythm Band
Live Volume 2: Blues from Deepest Belgravia

Released by Boisdale Records London

Featured on 2 blues numbers with the
Boisdale Blue Rhythm Band 

 Lizzie and the Do-Rite – Blow Daddy Blow  

Recorded demo CD with the UK's rhythm &
blues band The Do-Rite


Recorded original electronic CD with Jon Walsh
in Adelaide. 


 Lizzie and the Lounge Lizards 

Recorded jazz CD with Adelaide's finest
pianist / trumpeter Kerin Bailey.

The Comets – Live at the Marble Bar

Recorded live at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel. 
CD launch in the Hilton Hotel with the
Indigo Stomp horns  

 The Comets – Indigo Stomp
CD launch at The Harbourside Brasserie, Sydney. 
With special guest Frank Bennett supporting.