Internationally acclaimed jazz singer Lizzie Bradley has performed in illustrious venues around the world like:

 Sydney's Hilton Hotel, Adelaide's Penfold's Winery, Hyatt Regency & Casino,
London's Savoy Hotel, The Dorchester Hotel, Royal Festival Hall, 606 Club & the famous 100 Club.

"Lizzie is a most alluring vocalist with a swinging soul that breathes jazz at every note"  The Grand Hotel

Lizzie Bradley

Australian born Lizzie Bradley captivates audiences with her emotional depth & soulful voice.
She performs with world class musicians in various ensembles, ranging from guitar or piano duo's to 9 piece swing bands.

She has played in jazz/swing bands and orchestras like:  The Pasadena Roof Orchestra, The Piccadilly Dance Orchestra, Jivin’ Miss Daisy, Boisdales Blue Rhythm Band, Indigo Stomp & The Do Rites in Australia, the UK & European gigs & festivals.

"Bradley’s unique, jazz-inflected voice is most reminiscent of a clearer Billie Holiday"  MusicSA

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(Video of Lizzie's band JAZZ DECO. Recording by Jivin Miss Daisy)

Jazz & swing recordings

Lizzie and Lew CD

Lizzie featuring Lew Hooper
Fine & Mellow
Released by ESPtunes London 

Recorded London's famous recording
studio Tin Pan Alley Studios. 

With London's jazz legends: 
Lew Hooper - sax
John China - piano
Murray Salmon - bass
Dennis Smith - drums 

Jivin Miss Daisy
Released by Mainstem Records,

A dynamic 9 piece swing band, 
featuring the best of London's
jazz musicians.

Playing authentic arrangements
from Count Bassie, Duke
Ellington & arrangements written 
by bandleader Simon Thorpe.  

Perform regularly at The 100 Club,
Carisbrooke Hall & Royal Festival Hall

Boisdale Blue Rhythm Band 
Live Volume One

Released by Boisdale Records

Lizzie featured on 2 jazz numbers
with the renowned Boisdale Blue
Rhythm Band 

Lizzie and the Do-Rite
Doin' it Rite

Recorded CD with the UK's
rhythm & blues band The Do-Rite

Boisdale Blue Rhythm Band 
Live Volume 2: Blues from
Deepest Belgravia

Released by Boisdale Records

Lizzie featured on 2 blues
numbers with the Boisdale Blue
Rhythm Band 

Lizzie and the Do-Rite
Blow Daddy Blow

Recorded CD with the UK's
rhythm & blues band The Do-Rite

Lizzie and the Lounge Lizards 

Recorded jazz CD with Adelaide's
 pianist/trumpeter Kerin Bailey.
Performing tunes from the Great
Jazz Era at Adelaide's finest
venues including The Hyatt 
The Hilton Hotel, The Casino
& Penfolds Winery

The Comets
Live at the Marble Bar

Recorded live at Sydney’s Hilton
Hotel, during a 3 year residency.

CD launch in the Hilton Hotel
with the Indigo Stomp horns.

The Comets  
Indigo Stomp 

CD launch at the famous Harbourside
Brasserie, Sydney.  

With special guest Frank Bennett